Slimming exercises

full slimming exercise

What exercises will help you lose weight? The desire to lose weight is understandable and sensible for those who really have problems with extra pounds and centimeters.

However, there is the opposite case, when girls, especially the young, are so critical of themselves that they consider themselves "fat", even though they weigh at most forty kilograms. In this case, we can discuss other problems that lie in the field of psychology and eventually lead to anorexia.

But in the context of this article, we will discuss a very real problem with excess weight that needs to be addressed and done as effectively as possible.

First of all, you need to reconsider your life and the habits that are in it. Do you like to eat before bed while sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the TV? There is nothing embarrassing about this, but it contributes to being overweight, and how!

Or you are very addicted to dribbling a piece of cake one by one. So much so that you are unaware of their number and the time that has passed? So you definitely need tips on how to lose those extra pounds!

First of all, you should remember that fatty foods, as well as various food additives, such as tomato sauce and mayonnaise, must leave your food once and for all.

In addition, it is important to release the semi-finished product, as it will not lead to goodness, and all the calories spent in the gym will soon return to you. It is better to fall asleep hungry than lazy while cooking dinner on the stove of natural ingredients.

how to lose weight by exercising

Slimming exercises always start with warm-up. It is unwise to do complex physical exercises immediately. You also need a minimum rest between exercises.

Weight loss exercises should be done and therefore it is important to remember some simple rules. First of all, you can not do physical education for several days in a row - it is optimal to do it every day, at intervals between 11: 00 to 14: 00 in the morning and 18: 00 to 20: 00 at night.

It is during this time that your body is most likely to receive positive energy from physical education.

Also keep in mind that the effectiveness of each training session lasts no more than four consecutive weeks. Next, you need to increase the load, which is fraught with the appearance of muscles and the loss of such a waist, or change the set of exercises to a new and more perfect.

Exercise to lose weight at least two hours before eating or sleeping. Therefore, all results achieved during the training will be used for future use.

Well, how can you forget that you generally need to lead an active lifestyle in life. If you have an inactive job, then you need to register for aerobics or in the pool.

abdominal slimming exercises

There are some areas that are most "problematic" when overweight. Let’s start each other’s considerations more carefully, while focusing on the most effective exercises for weight loss in this area.

1. Chest area

Do not be surprised, but often women, especially after childbirth, have problems with excess weight in the chest area. To force this zone to lose weight, you need to stand upright and place the palms of each other until only your fingers touch. In this case, the elbows should be spread as wide as possible.

Gradually trying to move the shoulders down and back as much as possible, we put our palms together completely and then return to the starting position. With each approach, this exercise should be done at least twenty times, then there will be no problem with excess weight in the chest area.

2. Waist area

The next problem area is the waist area. This is where centimeters are more relevant than kilograms. To get rid of fat cells in the waist, it is necessary to repeat the tendency periodically to the legs, which are shoulder-width apart apart from the standing position.

In this case, each slope phase should end with three attempts to tilt as low as possible. The effectiveness of the training required to use a narrow bench with a rigid, but elastic backing is also proven in practice.

Sit on a bench, holding your legs bent with your arms around your stomach. By throwing your legs forward periodically, you can also get rid of centimeters, but only if all of this happens slowly.

3. Stomach

exercise to lose weight

Not far from the waist is another problem area for most women - the abdomen. With training for this zone, you must be very careful, because our main task is not to pump muscle, but to accurately get rid of extra pounds.

But training for the press, which everyone loves, is just a way to pump muscle, which is undesirable and not typical for gentle women.

Another thing is the famous "twist", which is an exercise that involves moving towards each other from the sides of the legs and head raised. This exercise is performed in a lying position, and encourages rapid reabsorption of all fat cells in the abdomen.

4. Hips

Also, lying on the floor or on a special mat can be an effective exercise to eliminate the external manifestations of excess weight in the thigh area.

You just need to put your hands on your back, and lift your legs slightly above your body level in a supine position. It is therefore important to tighten the muscles, and stretch the legs to the side with maximum amplitude. Without haste, repeating such a layout dozens of times, you can give yourself a chance to relax.

5. Back

If there is excess fat in the thighs, of course there is a problem with the buttocks. To get rid of unwanted formations in your body area, you can do the following - sit on your knees and stretch your legs as wide as possible in your leg area until a void is formed under your back.

leg slimming exercises

At the same time, you should place your hands on your belt and alternately try to reach each floor ass that is separated between your legs. At first, training will be very difficult and may be quite painful.

But the patience and perseverance you show will be appreciated a hundred times when you can see significant results in the mirror!

6. Calf

Legs are often overweight. And while it’s hard to see at first glance, you should also work on this woman’s body part, and it’s quite difficult.

We refer to the thighs as the character of the upper part of the legs slightly higher, but the calves also need attention. Otherwise, they can be an unacceptable width, which does not compliment women who value themselves!

There are three ways to get rid of excess beef fat:

  1. The first and most effective is walking in place.
  2. But if you want to consolidate the results achieved this way, then you should lie on your stomach on a mat and try with your toes bent to the knees, stretching as close as possible to the head.
  3. You can also lean against the wall with your back and lean with your hands to bend one of your legs at the knees. After that, you need to place the foot with the same foot on the opposite side of the foot. After that, the legs can be changed, but the body position remains the same.

Good luck with your obesity!